“New Year, New Career” !!

It’s that time of the year – again. The time when we make pledges to change our lives for the better, in one way or another.

Each January, unlikely people come out, determined to make a change in their work lives. Some people register for courses. Others resign on a whim, and throw themselves out into the world without planning a thing.

When thinking “new year, new career”, I encourage people to make informed and plan any moves or changes to their work situation, as much as possible.

Here are some tips for consideration:

  • If you are not entirely happy in your role, or in your choice of job, please visit the valuable website www.123test.com There are a series of tests – or quizzes – which can help you along the way. I am a big fan of the “career quiz”. This one is really valuable in helping people plan for new positions, sometimes career changes that require minimal training…. using existing transferable skills…
  • Brush up your resume. In January and February, a lot of us end up playing musical chairs. Someone has resigned, and a management position comes up in your organisation. Be ready to apply for it… and to have the evidence and proof that you can step up to this position
  • Go on, take a call from an unknown phone number. It could be a recruiter contacting you about a position you have dreamed of…
  • Do enrol in that course you have previously considered. But don’t rush into it, or feel you have to do a full degree, say to be a project manager. Universities earn money from students, and sometimes have vested interests to overeducate. Why can’t you do 2-3 subjects at Open University, online, that are specific, rather than a whole degree??

In summary, the secret is planning. In my opinion…

Will Harris

Recruiting sales, marketing, project management people in the interior design, architectural and building industries in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane.

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