Employers need to prepare for interviews as well !


I am constantly amazed at how people do things. ¬†Every day I interview people and I wonder to myself… how do they do what they do? There are a lot of very talented and smart people out there!

It’s a great joy to coach people, to help them communicate these skills and abilities, so employers can see their talent and potential.

Busy employers may ask questions in interviews that surprise candidates. Questions that are off point. Questions that do not cut to the chase, and accurately assess a person’s skills and abilities, their suitability, and their ability to be successful in your role, in your Company.

Here’s my sales pitch: I recruit staff every day. I know what questions to ask. If you interview people from time to time, it’s completely understandable that you won’t know which questions to ask. It’s not your core area of expertise. So if you would like some coaching on what questions to ask when you are interviewing, please get in touch in complete confidence.

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