Employment market changing

Sydney has enjoyed an amazing run. The workplace services market has created incredible demand for interior designers, project managers, client service managers, and specifications sales people. Barangaroo has created a domino effect. More companies will be moving, more corporate landlords are willing to pay for fitouts. The interest in Activity Based Workplaces (ABW) has created a lot of economic activity for so many people… space planners, tenant representatives, commercial property agents, ergonomic specialists, social media and marketing experts, project managers, furniture sales and project consultants.

Over the past few years, interior design, commercial design and construct companies, furniture suppliers have had to compete with residential property developers to attract and retain staff. The residential property market has turned, and people from that market are starting to look at opportunities in the commercial interior design, workplace services markets.

Just this week, an employer told me how he wants only the sharpest sales people who can negotiate and close hard. Why? Because the market is not going to be like this forever.

That means more available candidates for employers. For me, this means candidates should be aware that no holiday lasts forever.

If you are considering a new position, and you want LONG TERM employment, it is very important to prepare for this now.  It is crucial to be aware of your unique skills, and be prepared for scrutiny when you are looking for a new position. The smart companies that will survive and be successful during a downturn are planning now.

Sure, some companies and recruiters are hiring based on the current market, and taking shortcuts out of desperation. If you have a few mates in the industry, and you have worked at a competitor, some companies will hire you instantly without verifying your resume or analysing or assessing your skillsets.

For me, it’s more about quality HR strategy than taking part in a popularity competition.  In any market, I always expect candidates to be ready to give me permission to verify their resume, to take a short psychological test, and to answer some behavioural and situational questions.

And this will continue.



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