For Employers

HR and Staffing Strategy, Preparation of Position Descriptions, Development of KPIs, Advice on Remuneration, Staff Selection Campaigns and Screening, Exit Interviews


Will Harris strategically partners with a business, with a tailor made outsourced version of HR, delivered in rock solid confidence.


If you are an employer and you need answers to any of these questions, then please contact us and Will can visit for a no obligation introductory meeting at your convenience:


  • Can you help me put our systems in place for HR so we have a procedure?
  • How can we develop a HR strategy that’s unique and different and gives the business appointed difference in the market?
  • How can we be compliant with HR laws?
  • How can you define a position according to the needs of the business?
  • What is the cost and the benefit of hiring this position now or later is this a is there a business case for the position?
  • How can I identify and predict the future behaviour / soft skills of a candidate when I interview them?
  • Is this candidate really a match for our business?
  • Are we really sure we have fairly benchmarked this candidate against the other possible candidates who have come forward or we could resource right now?
  • How do I know when an agent contacts me with the “perfect candidate” that they are in fact the “perfect candidate”?

For Candidates

Will Harris gives candidates the tools, the confidence and the advice to make them job-ready. He offers a limited free service to help people along the way, and a full career coaching service that helps people identify and create goals for their career, and develop a pathway to achieve those goals. Please make an inquiry about Will’s career coaching services.


  • How do I identify a company that suits your personality and outlook?
  • How can I find a company with the team dynamic that suits you, your skills and your past experience?
  • How can I be noticed by the Company that I want to work for?
  • How can I get a position that suits my lifestyle?